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  1. 62%
    Miqura Golden Glow Body Cream
    150 ml
    prijs € 2,75 Vorige prijs € 7,25 Adviesprijs € 9,50
  2. The Organic Pharmacy Self Tan 100 ml
    The Organic Pharmacy Self Tan
    100 ml
    prijs € 31,75 Adviesprijs € 39,75
  3. St. Moriz Tan Applicator Mitt
    St. Moriz Tan Applicator Mitt
    prijs € 3,95 Adviesprijs € 5,50
  4. St. Moriz Fast Tan Mousse 200 ml
    St. Moriz Fast Tan Mousse
    200 ml
    prijs € 7,95 Adviesprijs € 10,75
  5. Fake Bake Pasty To Tasty Wash Off Instant-Tan
    133 ml
    prijs € 6,75 Adviesprijs € 13,50
  6. Tan-Luxe Instant Hero - Wash Off Body Bronzer
    150 ml
    prijs € 28,75 Adviesprijs € 38,95
  7. Tan-Luxe The Face - Light/Medium
    30 ml
    prijs € 31,00 Adviesprijs € 46,50
  8. Tan-Luxe The Face - Medium/Dark
    30 ml
    prijs € 31,00 Adviesprijs € 46,50
  9. Tan-Luxe The Face Anti-Age - Medium/Dark
    30 ml
    prijs € 36,75 Adviesprijs € 50,50
  10. Tan-Luxe The Face Anti-Age - Light/Medium
    30 ml
    prijs € 36,75 Adviesprijs € 50,50
  11. Tan-Luxe The Body - Light/Medium
    50 ml
    prijs € 40,50 Adviesprijs € 59,75
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What is self tanning or spray tan really?

Self-tanning lotion, spray tan, self-tanning spray, it got many names. Get tannned skin without sunbathing or exposing the skin to the sun's rays. There are many advantages to using self-tanning products. The biggest benefit is that you do not expose your body to harmful UV rays, as you do if you sunbathe outside or go to the solarium. In addition, the effect of being tanned is most visible in the summer and typically goes away quickly. With self tan or spray tan, you can stick to the beautiful color, for repeated use according to the individual product instructions. The effect and durability of the brown skin are different from product to product so the best thing you can do is read the product description to see what suits you best.

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How is self tanning lotion or spray tan used?

Here at Beautycos we have both self tanning lotion, mousse and spray tan. It is up to you which type of product you prefer, both of which each have their own benefits, but the result is, in principle, the same.

Before using any self tanner, scrub and peel the skin for the best absorption. A scrub cleans the skin for dead skin cells and you get a long lasting tan result.

Self tanning lotions are spread on the skin with gloves, so you get a smooth result and don't get dark palms.

Spray tan distributes by spraying it on the body, as you may know from a professional clinic, where they use a spray gun to distribute the self tanner.

It is immediately easier to use spray tan than self-tanning lotion, but as mentioned, there are different differences in both types of products, so you need to find out what suits you best.

To achieve the finest brown color, spray tan must be applied to clean and dry skin, both in body and face. This makes your skin smooth and soft, so you get the best possible results. It is important that you follow the product's instructions. You should be aware that some spray tan products may take some time to dry so you should not wear tight clothing immediately after using the product.


One of our most popular tanning products is Easy Sun Self Tanning Spray.

This spray tan is used for both face and body, giving a natural brown look. You can see results already after 6-8 hours, where the skin will become light golden brown, as if you came from the south's sun. Easy Sun spray tan is easy to use and does not contaminate. Click here to see Easy Sun Self Tanning Spray at!


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